Cool Metal Bottle Opener: Beer Bullet

Why settle for a tacky bottle opener?

You shouldn’t. The Beer Bullet is a unique and fantastic bottle opener for you to put on your keychain.

  • Have this opener with you as a conversation starter.
  • This aesthetic design and its function will turn some heads.
  • Use them as promotional gifts for your business.

Today, we will talk about this revolutionary novelty gadget, the Beer Bullet™, how it works, and why you need it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Beer Bullet is a high-quality mechanical novelty gadget that conceals a bottle opener that is visually aesthetic, solid and durable. Designed by the founder and owner of J-P Engineering LLC, Beer Bullet is a gadget with the mechanical engineering prowess that makes it so epic.

The design of this bottle opener is quite nifty and detailed: stainless steel for its strength and durability and brass casing to give it that original oxidized look from a bullet shell casing. So whether you’re a collector of beautiful gadgets or just someone who wants to have a cool bottle opener on their keychain, Beer Bullet is going to be a perfect fit for you.

Beer Bullet is manufactured in the United States with the highest quality of components and materials. Getting one would be an excellent decision on your part.


You’re probably wondering how this marvelous piece of engineering functions as a bottle opener. Well, let’s take a look at the detailed step-by-step guide so that you don’t face any difficulty when you get your Beer Bullet Bottle Opener:

  • PRESS THE BOTTOM – You’ll see a small compression spring on the bottom of the Beer Bullet. You’re going to need to press it, and it will release the bullet point, shooting it out. Within the stainless steel shaft of the bullet point, you’ll find the catch/opening that you can hook onto and around the bottle cap.
  • PLACE THE OPENER ON THE BOTTLE CAP – Now, what you’re going to do is this: you’re going to place the catch of the opener on the cap of the bottle like you are used to, but with a fairly steep angle. Let the catch fit snug around, on top and underneath, the cap. 
  • LIFT THE BEER BULLET UP – Keep the catch in place by holding a finger on the stainless steel shaft and slowly lift the cap off. DO NOT PUSH the brass shell toward and into the cap while lifting. The catch is designed to hold onto the cap without much force to push on it; lift up while holding one finger on the stainless steel shaft.
  • ENJOY – Once the cap is off, push the bullet point back down until it snaps back into its concealed position. Enjoy your cold beverage.
  • SAFETY – Keep the Beer Bullet out of reach from children. Be mindful of sharp edges; only adults should be using the gadget with proper knowledge of its operation. The ‘pop-out’ force is weak nevertheless, do not shoot the bullet point out in close proximity of any person or object.


One of the best things about the Beer Bullet Bottle Opener is that you can keep it on you at all times. In addition, it comes with a ring that you can attach to your keychain.


All the materials and components used in this gadget are made out of premium and high-quality metals. As a result, the Beer Bullet is an overall premium and solid product.


To use the Beer Bullet as a bottle opener, you need to shoot out the bullet by pressing on the spring at the bottom. That releases the mechanism, the bullet will shoot out, and this motion itself has an excellent feel to it that shows you how solid and sturdy this cool bottle opener is.


We can’t say this for all the designer bottle openers out there, but Beer Bullet is great at what it’s meant to do with minimal wear. The Beer Bullet Bottle Opener is not only innovative in terms of functioning and effective at opening the soda and beer bottles, but it also looks unique in design and engineering.


There’s an option to get a customized beer bullet bottle opener to promote your business1, which allows you to print 18 characters of your choice on one side of the gadget. As they say, that beer has your name on it. Now you can have your special bottle opener with your name on it. Give it as a gift or get them as a promotional item for your business.


Whether you’re talking about it as a visually aesthetic piece or a proper functional bottle opener, a great keychain, Beer Bullet is a unique item, and everyone should have their own. It is undoubtedly a complete package and a novelty gadget.


Beer Bullet is great, a super cool bottle opener that you can keep on you at all times attached to your keychain. That’s why having it is a must. Whether you drink beer or soda, this bottle opener will be perfect for you. All you need to do is get it and enjoy it.


  1. Please contact us for details. Quantity requirement may apply. ↩︎